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Health - it's all about communication!

Think holistic health. As a holistic thinker, you know that the quality of your health depends on one thing. Communication.

Holistic health is all about systems, not parts. You’re a system. So’s your mom, your kid, your spouse. Your family’s a system, too. What do you need for a healthy family?


Holistic health depends on the quality of the communication between and within systems. It’s all about how you share yourself with the world – and perhaps most importantly, with yourself.

Let‘s explore.

Photo: Perry Danforth

Everybody has a little dialog going on in their head most of the time. You know what I mean. The voice that’s trying to help you figure out right now whether or not you have time for this conversation we’re having. (You do!)

What does your little voice say to you on a regular basis? Every day. When you’re picking the kids up from school, paying bills, fixing dinner, or getting ready for a big meeting with the boss. How does that conversation affect your health?

That little voice is just one of 4 languages you use to communicate with yourself and the world outside you. Every single day. Whether you’re aware of it or not.

How you teach the world around you

MasksThrough that communication, you teach the people around you and your own internal protection systems how you expect to be received in life. Your language sets up things like this:

  • How efficiently your immune system works (and therefore your vulnerability or resistance to illness and disease)
  • Whether people listen to your ideas or ignore you
  • The work you do, and how much you get paid to do it
  • Whether your friends and family (even total strangers) help you out or leave you to struggle through on your own
  • People’s expectation that you’d make a good friend or partner
  • Back pain, neck pain and headaches OR a body blessed with flexibility, strength and balance

Are you curious yet?


Personalize your visit — take our quiz

Your next step is to take our Communication Style Quiz. You’ll discover how you may be literally talking yourself out of the life you say you want.

Better yet, you’ll discover strategies to support you in creating small shifts your language. Opening the way to a whole new beginning. Creating health in every area of the system called YOU. Holistic health!

The Communication Style Quiz is offered in two parts.

Part 1 is “Healthy Communication in Your 4 Natural Languages.” It’ll show you how each of the 4 languages you use every day (whether you realize it or not) impacts the world you create around you. Right down to the very structure of your body.

Quiz Part 1: Explore Your 4 Natural Languages.

Part 2 takes on your Inside Conversation. This section explores the verbal part of your language (including that little voice in your head), where you have the most insight and control. You’ll “eavesdrop” on your everyday conversation and get direct insight on the best place to start your communication make-over.

Quiz Part 2: Explore Your Inside Conversation.

After you’ve completed the quiz, check out our Holistic Health and Language flow chart. It’s a graphic display that explains exactly how errant language can compromise your health and – the news you really want – how healthy choices create healthy results!

See the diagram: Holistic Health and Language Graphic Display Part 1, The Decay Cycle

NEXT STEP – Go directly to the quiz: Explore Your 4 Natural Languages


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