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Intuition: The Hunch That Heals

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Inutition: The Hunch That Heals

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Healing Intuition. It can alert you to a health emergency, resolve an interpersonal crisis, or illuminate destructive patterns that drain your precious life force energy. Your own health-enhancing intuition: the hunch that heals.

"I just knew something was wrong," she said. With these words, Katy described her first visit with a new doctor, who fortunately trusted her patient’s instincts. One ultrasound and 2 days later she was in surgery. Today, she’s fine.

"All of a sudden I realized that by trying to change my husband into the man I thought he should be, I was de-valuing who he really was," she said. The seminar participant described the insight that brought her husband back home to his own house (in his words) for the first time in over a year – the day before they were scheduled to sign divorce papers.

"It was kind of like déjà vu," she said. In recognizing a familiar unwanted feeling, Sara realized that her current struggle was going nowhere. She re-grouped and started fresh in a new direction. That day, she was struggling to beat a major illness. She now has a clean bill of health.

Learning to trust your intuition is one of the best things you can do to enhance your health and quality of life. Even so, it’s often wise to reconcile your intuitive instinct with objective due-diligence practices like research, number-crunching, and checking yourself with an expert advisor or trusted friend.

Consider these 3 tips to enhance intuition in your own healthy living program:

  1. Check in with your body from time to time. You know best when something’s not right – like Madelyn did when she continually complained, “I’m just so tired!” Although she worked nights and often shorted herself on sleep, Madelyn somehow knew that this tired was different. She was right. She had cancer.
  2. Minimize stress by taking actions that support what you know. You might be surprised to learn how many people know exactly what they should be doing in life … and then choose something else instead. They may mistakenly believe that the other choice is more virtuous. Yet what could cause more internal conflict than repeatedly choosing opposite of what your own common sense recognizes as best?
  3. Test-drive your choices. Physician and author Bernie Siegel speaks of asking his cancer patients to draw themselves receiving treatment. He then reviews the pictures with the patient as they finalize a treatment plan. If the surgeon has wings of an angel, then surgery might be right. If the chemotherapy drip sports a poison icon, they’d likely look further. Mental movies are another great tool for testing options in advance.

Most important is to gain a good rapport with your sense of what’s right — your healing intuition. Practice whenever you have the opportunity in everyday life. Then, when one of the “big” opportunities arises you’ll instinctively know what it feels like to make a good choice.

Healthy living expert Elizabeth Eckert, author of Word Cures: How to Keep Stupid Excuses from Sabotaging Your Health, encourages people to banish energy-zapping life stress by tuning in to inner guidance. Follow the link to take her free Less Stress; More Time mini course.


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