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In the world of Word Cures, healthy living is pretty simple. It's consistently making everyday choices that serve your best interests. That match your values. That turn your healthy lifestyle into a healthy you!

Pretty simple, at least in principle.

Word Cures looks at holistic health: the view that you are more than the sum of your separate parts. Our view acknowledges that to resolve stress is an "inside" job. That when you live in accordance with what you believe, things go better.

Word Cures Sez...

Healthy lifestyle isn't so much about factors like food choices and exercise habits as it is inclusive of them. Of course your body functions best on an abundant supply of minimally processed *farm fresh* nutrient dense foods. An active lifestyle will serve you better than a sedentary one. And it's most adventageous to be kind, to nurture intimate relationships, and to honor our planet earth.

We know those things. And yet look at our culture. If this healthy lifestyle thing was really as simple to do as it is to say, we'd all be running around at 110 years old still fit enough for a pick-up volleyball game. That just isn't so. So where's the catch?

healthy lifestyle

Two little catches:

Catch 1: We tend to run scanty on awareness. What is it that you really believe in? What commitments do you hold dear? How conscious are you about your values?

Most people would be hard-pressed to answer those questions accurately and well. Not everyone, of course. Some people are very tuned-in to the deeper levels of what's going on. But tuning in to the "deep stuff" requires a level of contemplation, connectedness, honesty and courage that is not highly valued in our society.

So for most of us, while we like the idea of being well-tuned-in, in practice we tend to avoid it. We favor distraction instead.

Catch 2: We get caught up in conflict. We think "a" would be good, but it conflicts with "b." We can't see how to have both. The conflict causes us to compromise our values, which in turn is a huge source of internal stress.

Hint: Resolve the conflict, resolve the stress.

For example: It would be good to get to bed early and sleep 8 hours. In fact, by tucking in early, a person might even get up in time to hit the gym before work. On the other hand, it's also important to nurture relationships. Sleep or go out? Can't do both. Which is it?

Tell me you haven't been there. The illusion says you have to give up one thing to have the other. Inevitably, that's what you do. Then you give up too much, and the thing you compromised on turns around and 'bites you in the behind.'

Your healthy lifestyle, from this view, is intimately involved with resolving stress. Because when you've resolved the conflicts that cause your stress, you'll be living in accordance with your values.

Hint: Most people's value system features a "built-in"
commitment to self-protection & self-nurturing (we discuss
this further in Stress in the Background).

Volia! Instant healthy lifestyle!

The Word Cures message and reason for being is to support people in resolving those two little glitches in the system.

There are three basic steps to our strategy:

1. Awareness Intuition
Fine-tune your awareness, connect with your highest inner wisdom and develop your intuition.
2. Resolve Stress
Become the expert at your own life. Manage your life-force energy and resolve stress at its source.
3. Healthy Living
Act consistently according to what you know is best and what you value the most.

In addition, we're building a fine online community. Enroll yourself by signing up for the Healthy Living Update (you'll get the scoop on new healthy lifestyle articles as they come out).

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Elizabeth Eckert can help you explore how simple everyday choices create health — or undermine even the best of intentions. With a background that ranges from energy medicine to structural bodywork to developmental psychology, this "Stick-To-It Coach" has the experience to support you in creating the healthiest possible expression of — you!


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