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June 1, 2007

Health and the Disease Triangle

An article in the current issue of Organic Gardening magazine caught my attention. Yes, I'm avidly producing a garden this spring. But that's not the first thing that popped into my mind as I read.

What I found really fascinating is that they were talking about a principle I've considered many times over the years -- in relation to human health. Oooh. This is interesting!

I did a little Internet research, and there it was. The same principle. "The Disease Triangle." Without wandering off onto the little path of "if the gardening people get this, how come the human health paradigm is so slow to pick it up," let's get right down to details!

See, this has really interesting implications, not just in the garden, but for your personal health and well-being.

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June 7, 2007

Healthy Environment - Healthy You

Healthy environment - healthy you. It's often as simple as that. (The idea's simple at least!)

In our last two articles, we spoke first about looking around your life for areas where you can make a difference in what happens. No point wasting energy in an area where you can't make a dent. But if there's a good chance your action or intent can influence the positive result you desire, then you might as well dive in and get hopping.

Then we went on to explore three aspects of plant health that have interesting implications when we look at our own health and well-being: susceptibility of the host, the presence of a pathogen, and the condition of the environment. Today, we'll delve a little deeper into the mysteries of health and environment, for our plant friends as well as ourselves.

Our goal is to identify areas where our positive action or intent can influence the nearly universal desire to be truly healthy and feel good.

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June 15, 2007

Tips for an Endless Summer

"Where did the time go?"

I've thought it and I'll bet you have too. And doesn't it just seem like summer flies past so much faster than winter does? :-) Of course that's perception. And perception can be shifted.

How would you like your summers to linger on and on? They can, of course, at least in the privacy of your own mind. The trick is simple and extremely inexpensive.

Ready to create your own endless summer?

It isn't really the passing of time that bothers us, you know. After all, aren't we eager for time to hurry up before an event we're excited about? Of course! People even get antsy waiting for retirement -- which if you think about it blows the whole "upset about the passing of time" conversation right out of the water.

It isn't really the passing of time that's the problem. It's the feeling that the time hasn't been used to its fullest advantage.

So let's get our brain cells clicking and use this summer well!

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June 20, 2007

Stress, Aging, and Mental Alertness

Want to think clearly into old age? Science has just come up with another great reason to address your stress now.

As health care in our society steadily improves, people are getting much more interested in identifying behaviors that can help them really enjoy that ripe old age they're likely to attain. Among the people I speak with day to day, one of their fears about aging is the fear of losing their mental alertness or sharpness.

For good reason. Who wants to spend their later years dottering around confused?

Well, science has good new for us today. Seems a group of scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies has just identified a relationship between chronic everyday stress and the brain degeneration pattern that occurs in Alzheimer's disease.

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