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June 7, 2009

Garden Visitors: Bunnies!

Awwww. We've got bunnies!


I've been gardening fast & furious the last few weeks, in an attempt to get a whole bunch of veggies planted out and protected from the elements. Things have not been dull. In fact, we've had visitors!

Notice that this little fellow is peeking "out" from inside the rabbit fence and not the other way around. It was his very first day outside the nest, and he really wanted out. Fortunately, "Operation Bunny Freedom" was a complete success.

Here's the story:

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Conflict! Who's Right?

Not too long ago, I received a reader question asking for a bit of advice. Seems she and her grandson's mother have some different beliefs on taking care of an infant and she wondered how to handle things.

This is a great question, because it could easily enough be any other two people with different views on nearly any subject!

Here's the set-up: "Grandma" comes from a belief that says to avoid microwaving foods because it changes their structure, a belief shared by many other holistic thinkers. According to this belief, microwaving foods should be avoided as a matter of health care.

Her grandson's mother comes from a belief that use of the microwave is just fine, a belief shared by many others including, most likely, the child's pediatrician. Obviously, heating a bottle in the microwave is more convenient than using the "warm water on stovetop" method.

There were a couple of other issues, but they're similar and you can get the sense of things from this one.

One person with one particular set of beliefs. Another person with another particular set of beliefs. Both sets beliefs have support "out there in the world." Both believers have a strong investment in their point of view. Grandma feels that using the microwave stands to damage the infant's health. Mom feels that the convenience can't be beat!

Oh yikes! What to do?

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June 18, 2009

Breath and Your Posture

Posture. In the best of all possible worlds, the little nudge you just received will serve as a gentle reminder to raise yourself up to your full height, wiggle your shoulders, roll your neck, and take a full, deep breath.

Posture is a subtle yet visible outside indicator of a person's internal energy and vitality. Next time you visit a public place (airport, shopping mall, beach, the county fair), look around. Notice the people who seem to express the most natural vitality. Then consider how you reached that conclusion. Chances are, they will be sporting some clues: erect posture, a peaceful facial expression or smile, and a little sparkle in their eye.

In my daily life, I consider myself privileged to assist people in attaining and maintaining a balanced, healthy posture. We work mostly with the muscles. There's another important factor, though. A person's gotta breathe!

Breath directly supports your posture in at least three ways. Let's explore the connection.

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June 22, 2009

That Task You Don't Want to Tackle: 5 Tips

Everybody's got something. You know. The task you don't want to tackle. You know you'll feel better when it's finished. You just don't feel like doing it.

What is it for you?

* Reconciling your bank statement.
* Chopping up those raw veggies for ready snacking.
* Cleaning the gutters.
* Or ???

Not like it's necessarily all that difficult. You just put it off.

Well, guess what? I've got them, too. This morning I siezed the moment and took care of one. Ahhh. What a great feeling! I'd like you to feel just as great.

Mastering effective strategies for getting yourself to do something you don't feel like doing in the moment is one of the best things in the world to support your healthy lifestyle. So here we go!

Five tips for taking on that task you don't want to tackle:

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June 26, 2009

Got the "How-To Blues?" 5 Tips to Get Unstuck.

So exactly how am I supposed to do that? It's a question we all seem to ask from time to time. You know pretty much what you want. But the route to get there is not at all clear. You feel stuck.

Perhaps your quest is for improved health, greater peace of mind, increased prosperity, or enhanced personal relationships. Well, breathe easy. There is certainly a way to direct your energy and intention in a focused way to propel you toward your intended result.

Here are 5 solid tips to get you past the dreaded "How-To Blues."

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