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July 1, 2009

The Dog Ate Her Checkbook

Mistakes are a normal and natural part of everyday life, don't you think? So why do we think we're supposed to appear perfect?

No need to answer. It just seems like a rather odd human habit. So much easier to blame anything that goes wrong on the dog.

So here's the thing. What if the dog really did eat your checkbook? I mean, it's possible. Especially if you had one of those snappy little leather covers. And what if he was really looking out for your best interests?

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July 4, 2009

Health Awareness and Your Personal Operating System

Your personal computer has an operating system. So do you! It's easy to put a name on your computer's operating system. Perhaps it is called something like "XP" or "Vista." Every now and then, your PC's operating system is due for an upgrade. The manufacturer lets you know, the upgrade takes place, and you adapt.

It's not quite so simple to name your the operating system for your healthy lifestyle. But it IS easy to detect when you're ready for an upgrade. You become ill, find yourself in the middle of a health crisis, or your well-being is challenged in some other way (think stress, relationship issues, financial difficulties).

Your PC's operating system is based on a particular set of rules. Those rules define the environment in which your information use occurs.

Likewise the operating system for your healthy lifestyle. It is based on rules. You learn them, grow beyond their original circumstances, begin to question their value, and replace them with new rules. It is a natural human process.


But sometimes you get stuck. "No, no!" you may think, resisting. "Don't make me change that one!" Ultimately it's up to you. When you resist too long, that's when the challenges pop up.

Want to get past a current challenge to your health and well-being? Here's the big secret: Upgrade your personal operating system.

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July 14, 2009

Circumstances are Circumstances; You are You

You are not your circumstances. You know that, of course. Intellectually. Yet sometimes it's easy to lose track of things in the day-to-day application.

It can be disappointing, this thing called life. Here you are with all these hopes and aspirations. You think you know just how things are supposed to work out. Then something happens. And things begin to go a little differently than the way you'd expected.

For most of us, when our hopes and expectations don't match the results we see, that fact gets our attention. Sometimes, it can seem like things have gone wrong. Sometimes, it can begin to seem that "you" are the undesired circumstance.

Whether it's a health condition, a relationship or financial crisis, or even a bad sweater **, identifying yourself with the problem does not help. It can, however, keep you from moving forward.

The simple truth is this. You are not your circumstances. You are you.

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July 15, 2009

You May Be Working Too Hard

Are you working too hard? I just read two excellent articles by Deepak Chopra about how too much effort can become the enemy of your intended results in life. He makes an excellent point!

Granted, some activity is generally required. We all know that you can't just sit in your armchair imagining a lush garden and expect a crop. You've got to get out there and plant some seeds.

Yet... There's another side of it.

I'm talking about overwork. Overwork, if you really stop to think about it, often comes from the fear of your anticipated results from not doing "enough" (whatever that is...) In other words, a person who overworks to the point of futility and exhaustion is generally doing so out of the fear or perception of lack.

Whether it's a perceived lack of money, status, love, or something else, the person who drives him / herself to excessive effort believes, at some deep level, that some catastrophe will surely occur if they stop. That underlying belief is contrary to the stated goal of their effort!

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July 28, 2009

Perpetuating Factors that Affect Your Health

In their landmark reference book on Trigger Points, Drs. Janet Travell and David Simons devote an entire chapter to perpetuating factors. (Volume one, chapter four). Why?

Easy. Because without addressing the factors that perpetuate a health condition, the condition is sure to persist. They are really important!

People sometimes are disappointed to hear this. "Poor nutrition didn't cause my neck pain," they'll say. "So what does it matter how I eat now? I just want to get rid of the pain. I'm just not ready for an entire healthy lifestyle makeover."


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July 29, 2009

Healing Intent and Commitment

Commitment to healing (or its lack) is a perpetuating factor that sometimes trips people up. When I say "sometimes," what I really mean is that it's one of the most frequent conflicts I observe in people from day to day.

Of course that does not mean that people don't want to be healthy. Most people do! What it means is that there's something else that they also want, the two desires conflict, and the health-building process effectively "stalls in the water."

Before we get into that list of possible conflicting desires (it's coming), let's look at this a little differently. What would it look like if someone with very few conflicting desires were to step through the door? How would the engagement go? What would be the results?

I had the pleasure of meeting such a person about two weeks ago. He phoned on a Monday morning to inquire about an appointment. When I asked about his availability, he responded "I'm really tired of this pain." Already, I suspected that things were going to go well. He was focused and flexible!

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