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Limiting Beliefs of the most Insidious Kind (The ones you don't know about.)

"Why even offer Wellness Coaching? After all, isn't it less challenging work to simply treat people's symptoms?" Seriously, this is a question people ask.

The answer is "yes." It's actually much less challenging work for me to simply treat a symptom and send the person home.

Yet treating and retreating symptoms that have the possibility of being resolved presents its own challenge -- to my value system. That is why, a number of years ago, I shifted gears in my personal study to gain a better understanding of how and why unconscious limiting beliefs affect body structure (and a whole lot of other health-related symptoms).

Here is the story:

Since 1992, I have practiced the bodywork system known as neuromuscular therapy. One of our main goals is to get a person's body into better alignment, which in turn relieves pressure on joints, muscles and nerves, relieving pain.

I quickly realized that certain stress patterns, as I commonly call them, create misalignment in the body. There is the stress of poor self-esteem and feelings of victimization, which produces a particular type of misalignment. The stress of frustration and powerlessness creates a different type of misalignment. The stress of unmanaged resentment and anger produces different alignment problems yet.

And so it goes.

In truth, the stress patterns that each individual person deals with are as unique as their body alignment problems. Most of these stress patterns have their foundations in unique-to-the-person unrecognized limiting beliefs.

It didn't take too long for me to realize that unless I (or someone else) helped a person to recognize and work through those beliefs, their lifestyle stress would continue re-creating the exact same patterns they were asking me to correct through bodywork. Indefinitely! Ultimately, this phenomenon became the main focus of study for my doctoral program.

Ultimately, the Word Cures Wellness Coaching Program was born. It's premise is this. If there is something you keep saying you want in your life, yet you haven't managed to attract or create it, that discord is stressful to you. Stress, as you already know, creates pain and ill health.

There is a reason you haven't managed to attract or create the thing you say you want. If there were no reason, you would have attracted or created it by now and there would be no discord in your life on that particular issue.

The reason is most assuredly founded in some kind of limiting belief, most likely an unrecognized one. The limiting belief is nearly always false, so it gives you consistent yet incorrect information about how to make important choices in your life.

When you go "down the path toward that thing you say you really want to create or attract," you will meet the limiting belief head-on. You may not recognize it directly. Often, it occurs as a sense of discomfort -- a sense that if you were to take that next necessary step, you would exceed your comfort zone. If that feeling stops you (and most likely it does), the predictable result is that the thing you so desperately want to attract or create will remain just out of reach.

Setting out to achieve the desired goal on your own can be frustrating. You may find that you fall short of success without understanding why. It can become tiresome.

On the other hand, when you approach the desired goal within the context of a Wellness Coaching Program, if you are really committed to your goal, we will gently work through the discomfort to find out what's going on behind the scenes. You'll have an opportunity to break through the limits that have held you back in the past. "Woo-hoo!" you'll most likely say, once you realize how great things feel on the other side of that roadblock.

Depending on your intended goal, you might become a person who...

* Has actually written and published your first book, rather than wishing you could get around to it
* Has a satisfying relationship with your spouse, rather than secretly plotting out your exit strategy
* Has the extra cash to give your youngest child a special and cool graduation party, rather than settling for Subway
* Lives in a blissfully de-cluttered home rather than one in which you trip over stuff changing rooms
* Weighs 35 pounds less than you used to rather than wondering how much bigger that waistband can stretch

These are actual results from real coaching clients!

What would you like to "bring home" next in your life? Perhaps this is the right time for Wellness Coaching. Sessions begin September 15, January 15, and May 15. You deserve the best life has to offer!

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