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The Energy of Fighting Disease

There's a pervasive belief in our culture that it is a good idea to fight disease. It's part of a larger belief that it's a good idea to fight against things you don't like. To the greatest extent possible, I endeavor to steer clear of this belief system, though I'll be the first to admit that it can be pretty easy to get sucked in. (Sometimes it can feel so "right" to fight against the bad guy.)

Let's consider for a moment the energy of fighting disease. Just to recap, and for those who may not know my background, this conversation falls within the field known as Energy Medicine. Energy Medicine explores the relationship between the quality of one's life force energy and his or her state of health. It's a field which I have studied in some depth and earned an advanced degree. I have also put this principle into practice in my own life and can attest to its usefulness at a personal level. Who knows, I might not even be around right now had I not gotten this stuff sorted out a bit some years ago. So here we go...

Fighting is one of the biggest energy drains we can ever take on. When all other options have fallen short, fighting may be necessary as a short-term last-resort intervention. As a lifestyle choice, it is a fast-track passport to exhaustion on a grand scale.

"But that doesn't make sense," people say. "I **have to** fight this disease. It's BAD!!! I must not allow it to overwhelm me!"

And there we have a point of agreement. Totally agreed that simply submitting to a disease is usually not an effective strategy.

Just for a moment, think of your disease as a Bully (the big bad guy). How do you respond to a Bully? Well, you can roll over on your side and beg, "Please don't kill me." Not very effective. Agreed.

Or you can get into a fistfight, take a few hits, and exhaust yourself. Also not effective. Many Bullies have more stamina than their Victims. Even if you ultimately prevail, you will have expended a good deal of life-force energy needlessly, and you will never get that energy back.

At the strictly physiological level, fighting engages the sympathetic nervous system. It's that "fight or flight" response we commonly call "stress." Increased heart rate, adrenal response, increase in muscle tension, decreased activity in the digestive system, the whole nine yards. A sympathetic nervous system response expends body resources. It is the exact opposite of healing.

Healing takes place when the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged. The parasympathetic nervous system builds body resources. Your heart rate slows, pupils dialate, muscles relax, "feel-good" hormones abound and digestion commences (allowing you to take nutrients from your food, which is essential for healing). You are now in the presence of possibility for the creation of health and wholeness.

This might be a good time to mention that fighting against something you see as *bad* still places you in the role of Victim against a Bully. Some people feel as though this is a powerful place to live. This is usually an early-stage response, when the person still has enough energy to burn that he or she feels validated by the anger contained therein. It is completely not sustainable. In other words, anger will only get you so far. Then you'll crash and burn.

Fortunately, there is an alternative.

Engage that powerful Warrior energy waiting patiently inside and use it to take a stand *for* yourself. Your well-being. Wholeness. Peace. You deserve all those things and more. You can have them. Focus your attention on that which you want. You will be inspired by different ideas, led to different practitioners, targeting different strategies than the person who fights. And as you do so, you will be primed to receive the full benefit of each and every strategy you engage.

Let's put it simply. Your energy follows the object of your focus. If you are focused on fighting against something, in this case a disease, you are giving the disease your energy. In most cases, this is quite wasteful. As fighting is the energy of pushing away, you will at some level push away some of the strategies / ideas / energies that might otherwise help you.

When you focus that same energy on the creation of that which you want, then your energy flows into the object of your desire: Peace, Wholeness, Health, or whatever you choose. The energy of creation draws to you ingenuity, commitment, and support. People will sense that your desire is genuine and will go out of their way to help you.

Finally, please consider that whatever affliction or disease it is that you're dealing with, that entity is a part of you. When you fight disease, you're really fighting yourself. Much more powerful (though not necessarily easier) to embrace yourself fully, both shadow and light, and to learn from the shadow. Allow it to become your teacher in your quest for wholeness.

While a cure for your condition may in fact be beyond your reach (who knows, really?), healing is always possible.

--->> One incredible resource for exploring this difference very gently and graciously is Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life 4CDs Set. I highly recommend the audio CD version, read by the author, linked here.

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