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July 1, 2009

The Dog Ate Her Checkbook

Mistakes are a normal and natural part of everyday life, don't you think? So why do we think we're supposed to appear perfect?

No need to answer. It just seems like a rather odd human habit. So much easier to blame anything that goes wrong on the dog.

So here's the thing. What if the dog really did eat your checkbook? I mean, it's possible. Especially if you had one of those snappy little leather covers. And what if he was really looking out for your best interests?

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Elizabeth Eckert, Healthy Living & Wellness Coach

Elizabeth Eckert, PhD

I enjoy observing human nature and helping people get healthier. I'm the author of Word Cures, webmaster of the healthy living website, and an organic vegetable gardener. I hang out in spacious North Dakota with Max, my precocious pup. (more)

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