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Elizabeth Eckert and Max

Elizabeth Eckert, PhD, LMT, CNMT

Elizabeth Eckert can show you how your inside world of thoughts and habits manifests in the everyday elements of your life. With an emphasis on creating health, she identifies common errors of perception that if undetected may undermine your best intentions for well-being and establish the conditions for chronic pain and disease.

Elizabeth's education includes energy medicine, neuromuscular therapy, developmental psychology, applied intuition, nature observation and tracking, martial arts, and transformational breathwork. She lives and works from a nearly ideal location in spacious North Dakota.

Press packets available for download (.pdf documents)

Lifestyle Choices that Change Your World

Resolutions & Sabotage Style: 5 Changes that Bring Your Dreams to Life

5 Simple Lifestyle Changes that Help You Live Happier and Longer
(includes Sabotage Style mini-quiz)

Six Stupid Excuses that Sabotage People's Lives

Press briefs & press releases available for download (.pdf documents)

Holiday Travel Bonus: Bring Home a Life-Changing Insight (468 words)

America-Bashing and Your Health (410 words)

Resolve Lifestyle Stress - 4 Simple Tips (334 words)

Healthy Living Skills - The Hidden Route to Optimal Health (382 words)
NEW! Check out the podcast that goes with this press release (MP3 format; select link to listen)

Healthy Living DIY - Start with Managing Your Stress (392 words)

Think Healthy - Think Blue (222 words)

4 Tips for Winning the Lifestyle Change Game (292 words)

4 Tips for Creative change in Your Yard (283 words)

6 Wellness Opportunities: Relieve Stress by Optimizing Your Personal Environment (336 words)

Tip Sheets

6 Wellness Opportunities Tip Sheet (.pdf)
If you are an educator preparing a presentation on stress, you may copy this tip sheet free of charge to distribute to your audience, provided you do not make any changes to the copy. Just email me at to let me know where you're distributing it. Thanks.

Press Clippings

Coaching People Toward Wellness
by Katina Tengestal, Minot Daily News, January 16, 2006

Elizabeth Eckert

Healthy Living & Wellness Educator: About Me (casual bio)
Biography & Training Disclosure (.pdf document)

Word Cures Cover
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Say "Yes!" to Health

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