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Word Cures Book Cover

Word Cures: How to Keep Stupid Excuses From Sabotaging Your Health
(335 pages; soft cover)

Word Cures

Figure out what’s good for you, then do it. The ultimate prescription for healthy living. If only it were that simple!

With a focus on personal empowerment, Word Cures identifies 21 common reasons you may not do what you could to optimize health. Each is exposed for the “sneaky little trap” it becomes in your life. You’ll be inspired by simple solutions and ready to act.

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Landscape With Spirit Book Cover

Landscape With Spirit: Connecting What's Around You with How You Feel
E-book (.pdf, 52 pages) plus
Audio (.mp3, 1 hr, 54 minutes)

Landscape With Spirit

You are a product of the landscape around you. It affirms you; forms you. Good thing you have the ability to influence your landscape!

You can consciously apply your personal wisdom to healing your surroundings. When you do, the environment you've created, in turn, influences you to be your best. A fortunate turn of events!

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Stress In The Background Book Cover

Stress In The Background: How to Thrive in a
High-Stress World

E-book (.pdf, 71 pgs) and
Audio (.mp3, 2 hrs, 44 minutes)

Stress In The Background

You live in a high-stress world. Learn to thrive, not merely survive — in circumstances that others might view as a challenge.

"Contained within the myth of stress management is an unhealthy and disempowering implication ... that you have no control over your stress and are powerless to address its source."

Looking for a better solution? Resolve your stress.

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Stress Solved Tips Booklet Graphic

Stress Solved!

The little booklet that could.

Apply the 42 tips you'll learn in this booklet and you could just de-stress your life! Simply and easily. By tapping into your natural wisdom and creativity.

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Affirmation Cards

Encouraging Words affirmation greeting cards

© 2006 Wellness Images

Encouraging Words Accompanies Word Cures

Inspiring affirmations are a great way to say "I believe in you." Send one to a friend — or post your own favorite where you'll see it regularly. 4 unique designs by artist Judith Greenwood. Suitable for framing.

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Garden Delight Affirmation greeting cards

© 2007 Wellness Images

Garden Delight! Accompanies Landscape With Spirit

Gardening is not only an enjoyable hobby, an important aspect of your personal environment, and a way to contribute to your family's food supply ... it's a delightful metaphor for personal growth! 4 unique designs by artist Judith Greenwood. Suitable for framing.

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Kits & Packages
dog ate my homework

Word Cures Starter Kit

4 inspiring items — one simple kit.

Get the Word Cures Book, Encouraging Words Affirmation Cards, Word Cures Tips Cards, and a nifty "Dog Ate My Homework" mug. Makes a great gift!

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Intuition Infusion

Intuition Infusion

Q: Confused about what to do next in creating your best healthy lifestyle?

A: Engage your intuition to provide customized answers that enhance EVERYTHING!

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Mini Stress Buster Image

Mini Stress-Buster

Take one part practical wisdom (Word Cures, the book).

Add one part encouraging inspiration (Encouraging Words affirmation greeting cards).

Blend in intuition-enhancing relaxation (Intuition Bath Salts set).

What have you got?

The Mini Stress-Buster. And that's great news for all your stressed-out friends!

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Intuition Bath Salts

Intuition Bath Salts

Guilt-free relaxation. Intuition enhancing bath salts combine high-quality essential oils with salts from the Dead Sea to create a resourceful state while you relax.

Multi-tasking never felt so good!

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Pure Relaxation Bath Salts

Pure Relaxation Bath Salts

Just the thing when it's time to relax. Single 4 oz jar -- enough for 1 to 4 soothing soaks. Dead Sea Salts with essential oils of lavender and sandalwood. Just $4.


Wellness Coaching
Awareness Icon

Cause Behind The Cause™ Intuitive Brainstorming

You want to empower your life. You've got the answers. Let's get them out of you!

This is a 30-minute One-on-One consultation to jump-start your personal Stress Solved program.

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Wellness Coaching Logo

Wellness Coaching

This is the program that the "7 Steps to Freedom" Healthy Living Manual was developed for. As a participant in our Wellness Team program (begins in January, May, and September), you’ll find support and guidance as you put those healthy living principles into action.

If you just can’t wait until the next program starts, check on the availability of private coaching.

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Healthy Living Manual Image

Saboteur's Guide to a Productive Life:
7 Simple Steps to Freedom

(126 pages; e-manual; optional binder version)

"7 Steps to Freedom" Healthy Living Manual

You have the best of intentions. You know you do. Yet somehow, “it” just never gets done. Ignored for long enough, “it” compromises your health – often with disastrous results.

Whether “it” is a resolution to get in shape, clean up your relationships, your home, or your finances, or even to refresh a long-neglected hobby, the road to re-vitalizing your life is really pretty simple.

7 Simple Steps.

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