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Intuition Infusion

Q: Confused about what to do next in creating your best healthy lifestyle?

A: Engage your intuition to provide customized answers that enhance EVERYTHING!

Intuition: The Hunch
That Heals

Healing Intuition. It can alert you to a health emergency, resolve an interpersonal crisis, or illuminate destructive patterns that drain your precious life force energy. Your own health-enhancing intuition: the hunch that heals. Read the full article and learn 3 ways to enhance your own healing intuition.

Intuitive Mind; Logical Mind

Intuitive, creative solutions – it seems we all prize them! Have you ever been stuck – really stuck – to pluck a creative solution from among your everyday thoughts and frustrations? Read the full article. Explore why intuitive mind can be a great ally in finding creative solutions.

Consider the average American's average day:

  • Get up.
  • Go to work. (Wave to "the man" if he passes your cube.)
  • Shuttle the kids or grandkids to their activities.
  • Figure out something for dinner.
  • Referee until bedtime.
  • Collapse on the couch.
  • Repeat.

Perhaps it's not that grim in your life. Frankly, I hope not. But even a little rut can become a devastating challenge if you don't see it.

You know the rut I mean, don't you?

Come to think of it, maybe you don't. Here's the thing. Lots of people find themselves locked into a routine (you might call it a comfort zone) that's become so familiar it doesn't even get questioned.

That's exactly my point. Unless you learn to recognize the signals that let you know an important question is waiting to be asked in your life, you'll never even break your stride. You'll never lift your head to see the creative potential of a new day. Never think to ask yourself, "What would it look like if my life went the way I want it to?"

Yet if you did... well, imagine! All those "problems, facts, challenges, suppositions, and forgotten dreams" you've come to think of as normal could turn to rip-roaring full color!

Right before your very eyes!

Ready to bring a bit of extra PIZZAZ into your hum-drum life?

Then check out the INTUITION INFUSION!

The Powerful 3-step process supports you in becoming more receptive and open. Right now!

Intuition Step 1 Identify the influence points in any perplexing or stressful situation. Learn to use your influence and your energy where it will do you the most good. Avoid "dead end" energy-wasters that can leave you feeling frustrated and drained.

Intuition Step 2 Take that influence point and turn it into a powerful question. For each perplexing situation you identify specifically, there is a matching question that, if answered, will offer an inspired solution. Know that your question has an answer, and that you are receptive to receiving it.

Intuitive "Aha"

Intuition Step 3 Put yourself into a receptive state in which your "aha!" moment can easily occur. You probably have these moments occasionally in your life already. The magic really starts to happen once you realize you can cause an "aha" in response to virtually any question your mind can create — whenever you want it!

In short, you'll hone and sharpen the skills you need... Right now!

checkHow to recognize the major choice points in life — where you choose to pause and ask a great question or accept the stressful status quo.

checkHow to turn each major choice point into a powerful question.

checkHow to cause an infusion of intution that delivers the answer to that question directly to your mind.

checkAnd how to keep that newfound inspiration firmly in mind through a wide range of everyday events and activities.

Inside the Intuition Infusion, you get 2 Mini-Kits and a Virtual Workshop!

Intuition Infusion Kit

Mini Kit #1: Challenging The Shaman: How to Create Health and Vitality by Following the Voice of Wisdom in Everyday Situations (Booklet, Flashcards, Audio CD). Shows you how to find the influence points in any stressful situation. Learn to see where your effort can make a difference — and stop wasting energy where it won't pay off. You'll use the flashcards to explore powerful choices you make every day — in everyday situations — by tuning in to your own inner voice of wisdom.

Mini Kit #2: Incubate Your Best Solution: How to Answer Perplexing Life Questions by Connecting with Your Inner Voice of Wisdom (Booklet, "Intuition" Bath Salts Set, Audio CD). Gets you clear on the steps to take next in creating your dream life. And next after that. And over again.

"Intuition" Bath Salts Set features high-quality essential oils in three custom blends to support your transition to a most resourceful state:

  • Inspire a creative solution with francinsence, juniper, and rose
  • Build courage for a pressing challenge with sandalwood, lavender, and geranium
  • Reward yourself! (You deserve it.) with ylang ylang, petitgrain, and jasmine

BONUS! Virtual WorkshopPower Questions: Recognizing Life's Choice Points. Shows you how to recognize the signs of a question waiting ... if not begging ... to be asked in your life. Right now! Immediate access via .mp3 download & .pdf worksheet. Do the workshop now while the rest of your kit ships out. (Listen from your computer or portable player.)

Get the Intuition Infusion!

You have 2 ordering options:

For intuition enhancement at value-driven pricing, get the Standard Set. We've replaced the full "Intuition" bath salts set with a single jar of "Pure Relaxation." Scented with high-quality essential oils of lavender and sandalwood, be forewarned. This version may just whet your appetite for more!

Intuition Infusion Standard Set
Intuition Infusion Kit — Standard Set

Order Intuition Infusion (Standard Set)
Just $49.00


For the full "Intuition Infusion" experience, get the Deluxe Set. Retail value for the 2 Mini-Kits (2 booklets, 2 audios, "Intuition" bath salts, and flashcards) is $83. You'd pay another $40 or more for the workshop. But you get it all here for just $72.00.

Intuition BonusWe'll further optimze your kit by including a Word Cures book!
(With bonus audio Manage Your Energy: Let Time Take Care of Itself)

Intuition Infusion Deluxe Set
Intuition Infusion Kit — Deluxe Set

Order Intuition Infusion (Deluxe Set with Word Cures)
Just $72.00


Prepare to be inspired!



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