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Intuitive Brainstorming

Ready to empower your life? To find the secret key that sets free those powerful stress-makers that threaten your peace of mind?

You've got the answers. Let's get them out of you ... with a customized One-on One Intuitive Brainstorming session!

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The idea is ever-so-simple:

You know your life better than anyone else. Which puts you in a unique position to understand the "stuff" of your life better than anyone else.

You know how you feel when some "expert" tries to hand you a solution to a delicate situation you're trying to resolve. Like they don't have all the information. Like their solution probably won't work, because they don't really know your life like you do.

Guess what? You're right. They don't.

Yet, that outside expert does have a few important things going that you don't.

intuitive brainstorming arrow First, any observer has more objectivity about your circumstances than you do. As a developmental psychologist, I can tell you with confidence that your brain does not learn about the world in an objective vacuum.

The part of your brain that records highly charged events matures before the section that allows you to place them in context. As a young human, you have the capacity to experience and record things you cannot possibly understand or interpret correctly.

This results in lots of mistakes!

As you grow up, you base your decision-making on "fact" after "fact" that has absolutely no substance or reality behind it. For example, your conscious mind may "know" that something isn't possible, simply because as a 2-year-old you misinterpreted a troubling event.

An outsider, while inevitably having certain limitations in their own thinking, usually does not share the same limitations that you have.

intuitive brainstorming arrow Second, you are probably making the very natural mistake of trying to resolve your situation from the level of your logical, thinking mind. You think and think and think. You keep getting the same answer. You already know what you think, and you're stuck.

"Any time the physical mind is present, the communications of the spirit are at best obscure or do not come through to us at all."

— Grandfather Stalking Wolf,
quoted by Tom Brown, Jr;
Awakening Spirits

Thinking is great when you're, say, trying to defrag your "c" drive or work out the answer to a math problem. However, thinking has its limitations.

Creative solutions (like the ones you're looking for) do not reveal themselves through more thinking. They "pop in" from a deeper level of knowing — a level of your being that I often refer to as "inner wisdom."

This is the wisdom we begin to access during your Intuitive Brainstorming session.

intuitive brainstorming arrow Third, an expert understands his or her field of experience better than you do. If you're, say, a big banking dude, then you've got experience managing money. But if your concern in the moment is how to get along with your cat, all that experience managing money isn't going to resolve much. You need to find someone who knows about cats!

When the subject is teasing valuable information out of your intuitive mind, I suppose it's obvious that enlisting the assistance of someone with that specific experience could be helpful.

You want to empower your life. To find the secret key that sets free those powerful stress-makers that threaten your peace of mind.

You've got the answers. It's just a matter of getting them out of you.

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So how do we do it? Easy. We work together.

In a Cause Behind the Cause™ Intuitive Brainstorming session. Why the cause behind? Easy again. There's nearly always a deeper layer behind any situation that appears on the surface to get your attention. The situation you find so troubling usually occurs as the result of how you compensate for the underlying condition.

"Cause Behind" example

Symptom: You weigh more than average for your height and you'd like to get in shape.

Cause: You're well aware that your overweight results from eating too much of the wrong foods and insufficient exercise. Yet you have trouble sticking with a healthy program for more than a few weeks at a time.

Cause Behind: Well, this depends on the person — that's the point! Maybe Grandma gave you cookies when you felt badly as a kid and now you reward yourself the same way. Maybe you see that healthy program as one more "difficulty" that you'd like to be rewarded for. Which basically sets you up to fail. (To eat as a reward for not eating.) Bummer.

Action Plan: On the other hand, what if you recognized where you've been getting off track and took action to resolve the glitch? What if you began to feel nurtured by your healthy living plan? Wouldn't things feel better in your life? Yep.

Get the idea?

Our goal is to get to the bottom of things. To explore what you're compensating for and how to resolve it. Once that's accomplished, your life is going to get a whole lot easier!

intuitive brainstorming arrowThis might be a good time to mention that compensating for anything wastes an unbelievable amount of your very precious life-force energy.

Your tour guide for this adventure:

About Elizabeth Eckert

Elizabeth Eckert and MaxI consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to explore a variety of different things! I've studied awareness and intuition with Tom Brown, Jr., Caroline Myss, and Doreen Virtue — I'm an Angel Therapy Practitioner! These three perspectives all come together in the Cause Behind the Cause™ consultations.

I'm also certified in neuromuscular therapy and transformational breathwork; several years ago I embraced my "inner warrior" and earned ShoDan rank in Koei-Kan Karate-Do. I've earned a PhD in energy medicine, a master's in psychology: human development, and a bachelor's in music. Before getting into the human development field, I worked for 10 years producing musical theater for a major opera company.

I especially enjoy observing human nature — guess you never really graduate from that school!

How to get started

Easy. Just sign up.

Your Cause Behind the Cause Intuitive Brainstorming session will be about a half-hour long, and we'll do it by telephone. After you sign up, you'll be taken to an information page where you'll have access to three things:

  1. Directions on how to schedule your consultation.
  2. The worksheet you'll use before and during the session.
  3. Information about your bonus!
  4. intuitive brainstorming arrowOh yes — your bonus! It could happen that after your session, you may feel inspired to go deeper. The most efficient way to do that is through the Intuition Infusion Kit. Don't worry about it now. But with your session, you'll be offered a discount on the kit!

Sign up here

intuitive brainstorming check 25-minute Cause Behind the Cause Intuitive Brainstorming consultation by telephone, one-on-one with Elizabeth Eckert. Just $48.

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