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Stop Struggling to Feel Good

Why struggle?

When with just a few tweaks in your home landscape, healing energy does it for you!

Just think...

Your environment becomes healthier.

Your state changes.

And you feel good.

Just like that.

How is it possible?

Simple... It's called "Spirit of Place."

Every day, countless people struggle to feel good. You may be one of them. Or you may know someone who is.

But think about it. Struggling doesn't feel good! If you're struggling, you're not there yet. Something needs to change.

Often the shift is deceptively simple and easy to make. So simple, in fact, that if I didn't explain exactly how it works, you might think I was making this up.

It's a matter of identifying the healing energy you want in your space ... and then finding a way to enhance it. Once you've made the changes, simply sit back (if you can) and let the energy do its thing.

Why did I say "if you can?" Simple again. You're going to be feeling better — right? You may not feel like sitting back! But that will be up to you.

Some people just naturally feel good. You know them. They're people whose internal environment matches what they're up to in the world. The trick is to learn how to be more like those people. And in Landscape With Spirit: Connecting What's Around You with How You Feel, I'm going to teach you exactly how it's done.

Somebody here already has the trick I'm talking about:

Three ten-year-olds joined a neighborhood softball league. On their first time up at bat, Jason struck out, Bobbie hit a home run, and David struck out. Despite their individual performances, the team as a whole was talented. They won that first game.

Two months later, the same batting rotation came up again. Jason struck out, Bobbie hit and made it to second base, and David hit a home run.

  • Jason's performance was consistent throughout the season. He consistently played poorly.
  • Bobbie was consistent, too. While some days were naturally a little better than others, she consistently played well.
  • David's performance improved like crazy. He went from being a low-skill poor player to a guy his teammates were really happy to see show up!

arrow Want to learn David's secret? arrow
Hint: It's called a state.
State is strongly influenced by environment.

Just like when you put water in the freezer.

Let's eavesdrop on each of the kids' internal conversations after that telling first game.

arrow Jason watched every player hit that day. When he saw Bobbie hit the home run, his mind said, "Oh, man. This is going to be awful. I just know I don't have what it takes to make it like that kid does."

A fly on the wall observing Jason might distill his experience down to a single word: "discouragement." If you asked Jason how he felt, he'd have probably said, "ok, I guess" and then heaved a sigh to let you know that what he meant was "like a big loser."

arrow Bobbie watched, too. She noticed that several of the other kids were really into the game. Her mind said, "I'd better stay sharp. They're good! This is going to be fun!"

That same fly might have described Bobbie's experience as "excitement." Bobbie would have said she felt excited to hook up with others who liked the same things she did.

arrow David was keenly interested in what was going on. He'd never played softball, but it was easy to see who the better players were. His mind said, "Hey, that Bobbie's good. I'd better watch what she does so I can learn to hit well, too."

The fly might describe David's experience as "eagerness." While David felt disappointed with his performance that day, he would have told you that he also felt excited. He wanted to become a good ball-player, and he instinctively knew he could achieve that dream by hanging around people who had already learned what he wanted to know.

Jason and David both struck out that first day. Yet their experiences were completely different. One was defeated; the other looked forward to the next game.

arrow How Come? arrow

This doesn't just apply for kids, you know. Adults do the same things. Adults who want raises, who want better relationships, who want to create successful businesses, who want to be healthy and energetic well into their senior years, and more. Adults like you.

Some people, like Jason, let regrettable feelings determine the course of their future. Others, like David, accept the inevitable frustrations and disappointments of daily life, yet somehow realize that they need not be defined by them.

arrowHow do the Davids of the world make it happen? arrow

Better yet, how can you become one of them?
On purpose.
Whenever you say so!

"One of the clearest areas where we can influence both how we feel and how we are is in the careful attention we give to our immediate environment."

from "Landscape With Spirit," pg 6

Environment: the complex of physical, chemical, and biotic factors (as climate, soil, and living things) that act upon an organism or an ecological community and ultimately determine its form and survival.
Merriam-Webster online dictionary

There's the "you" you are at work. You're a different "you" on vacation. A different "you" relaxing at home. And a remarkably different "you" with your family of origin.

There's the "you" when you're out in nature and the "you" in town. There's the "you" in a bar or casino and the "you" in a sacred space...

Environment, whether consciously or unconsciously, has the ability to change who you are, how you feel, and how you develop. It can affect the hormones your body produces, the effectiveness of your immune system, and your blood pressure. It can even change the physical shape of your body.

from "Landscape With Spirit," pgs 19-20

You are a product of the landscape around you. It affirms you; forms you. Good thing you have the ability to influence your landscape! You can consciously apply your personal wisdom to healing your surroundings. When you do, the environment you've created, in turn, influences you to be your best. A fortunate turn of events!

In Landscape With Spirit, you'll explore each of these universal principles of holistic healing in the conscious creation of your personal space:

  • Vibration
  • Sympathetic Resonance
  • Honoring Your Values
  • Color
  • Light
  • Balance
  • Shape
  • Sound
  • Scent
  • Space
  • People
  • And the hidden benefits of caretaking your space

It's a little like "Western Feng Shui" — only updated and explained. We take the mystery out so your brain can get involved, too. When you know what's happening and create it consciously for yourself, you are empowered. Result: you feel even better!

Included is a summary chart of the indications for use and benevolent qualities of the Bach Flower Essences, a time-proven system for classifying plant energies. The Bach Flower Essences were developed in the 1930's by Welsh physician Edward Bach — a "sensitive" who had a highly-developed skill of tuning in to the natural world of plants.

Landscape With Spirit

landscape with spirit

Landscape With Spirit: Connecting What's Around You With How You Feel (e-book and audio recording) supports your health and well-being in 3 specific ways:

  1. It explores why you feel the way you do.
  2. It helps you understand how you come to be the way you are.
  3. And it shows you how to influence your surroundings so you can become more the way you want to be.

You'll also learn about:

  • The protective value of paying attention to your feelings.
  • Choosing how to respond in the face of feelings you don't like.
  • Subtle energy in the landscape; why you ignore it and how to tune in.
  • Six voices of nature — how to listen!
  • Events that compromise a plant's energy. (Don't let this happen in your yard!)

Garden Delight Affirmation Cards

© 2007 Wellness Images

Spiffing up your garden is not only an enjoyable hobby, an important aspect of your personal environment, and a viable way to contribute to your family's food supply ... it's a delightful metaphor for personal growth!

Whimsical art by Judith Greenwood brings your journey to life in this set of 4 Affirmation Cards. Send to a friend or post them where they'll inspire you! Suitable for framing. The Garden Delight Cards are available separately, or get the set together with the Landscape With Spirit e-book and we'll include...

A cool BONUS!

If you're really serious about manifesting a miracle in your personal environment, I'll wager you're about to take on a project or two. If so, you'll appreciate this BONUS — a Home & Garden Question Tree Guide to help you think through the parameters of your project. So you can develop an effective project plan to ensure success!

The Question Tree Guide is yours absolutely free with your purchase of the Landscape With Spirit Package — get the e-book, bonus .mp3 audio, and Garden Delight Affirmation Cards. Digital delivery; immediate access.

Or go classic.

If you prefer, we also offer Landscape With Spirit in an Audio CD version. As an online ordering bonus, you'll also get the e-book and bonus .mp3 audio recording, too. Just select your favorite option below.

Get the Spirit!

Option 1: just the e-book and audio:

landscape with spirit

Landscape With Spirit: Connecting What's Around You with How You Feel
by Elizabeth Eckert, PhD
.pdf document (52 info-packed pages) and bonus .mp3 recording (read by the author; 1 hr, 54 minutes)
Print version ISBN 0-9753780-3-1

 arrow Order Landscape With Spirit e-bookarrow
e-book and bonus .mp3 audio download; digital delivery — immediate access
Just $18.00


Option 2: Get the set — E-book, audio, cards, and bonus Question Tree Guide:

landscape with spirit
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arrow Order Landscape With Spirit Package arrow
Landscape With Spirit e-book and bonus .mp3 audio (digital delivery),
4 Affirmation Cards (to be shipped), and BONUS Question Tree Guide (digital delivery)

Just $36.00


Option 3: If you prefer, we'll mail you Landscape With Spirit in audio CD format (2 CD's). As an online ordering bonus, you'll also have access to both instant downloads. 

arrow Order Landscape With Spirit Audio CD's arrow
2 CD's by mail (online ordering bonus: get ebook and .mp3, too!) — Just $23.00
(For quantity orders, select this option.)

Audio CD version ISBN 0-9753789-9-0

P.S. Bobbie's dad? He's the coach. Took David under his wing. Taught him to hit. Said it was a pleasure to teach such a motivated young man! And I've no doubt he was right on. The landscape of David's life had prepared him well for success.

Landscape With Spirit Product Questions & Answers:

Q: I don't understand the formats. Can you explain?

A: Sure. Some people prefer a written-on-the-page format and others prefer listening to an audio. Still others like reading an on-the-page format while they listen. When you reach the download page for Landscape With Spirit, you'll find links for both written-on-the-page and audio versions.

The written-on-the-page version is an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file. The benefit of using this format is that it's accessible by people using any popular operating system on their computer. Adobe offers their reader for free. If you don't have it already, there's a link to obtain it on the download page. Once you download the .pdf file to your computer, you have several options. You may prefer to read the document directly from your computer screen. If that's not comfortable for you, you can print the document out on your own printer or take it to a copy center to have them print it for you (either copy the file to a CD or email it to the copy center). When I get an e-book, I usually print it out and put it in a 3-ring binder. That allows me to carry the book around, make notes in the margins, and store it on a shelf for easy access.

The audio version is an .mp3 file. (Actually, it's broken down into several files for your convenience in downloading and listening.) The .mp3 audio format is suitable for being played on a portable .mp3 player such as an Ipod or other similar device. Many people can also listen to an .mp3 audio directly from their computer. When I download an .mp3 file, I listen from my Windows media player.

Q: I only want one of the formats. Do you offer them separately?

A: If you go to a brick and mortar bookstore for information, you purchase audio and print formats separately. Since I wanted Landscape With Spirit to be as accessible as possible, I opted for offering both formats automatically to anyone purchasing the information. Think of it as a bonus. Most people, depending on their lifestyle, will have a preference for one format over the other. Commuters may prefer the audio version while people who travel only a short distance or work from home might prefer the written format. Feel free to ignore the download link of the format that doesn't suit your needs.


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