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Quantity Discounts

Printable Discount Sheet (.pdf)

Health Practitioners and Retailers:
Here's how to get quantity discounts on our products!

The ultimate discount - Free!

You may duplicate and distribute the following hand-outs (permission is for unlimited copies, provided the original document is not altered) for your clients, customers, or presentation attendees:

6 Wellness Opportunities Tip Sheet — one page format, suitable for lobby or counter distribution or as a hand-out for talks on handling stress

Less Stress; More Time Mini-Course — 5-page print summary of the online Less Stress; More Time Mini-Course

Self-Care Quiz — Identifies key areas your clients may be tempted to overlook in establishing a healthy lifestyle — originally developed for health practitioners! (4 pages)

How Stress Shapes Your Body — 2-page excerpt from Stress In The Background, exploring the effects of stress on body structure. Especially suitable for chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists.

How Stress Affects Immunity — 2-page excerpt from Stress In The Background, exploring the effects of stress on immune function. Especially suitable for health practitioners and retailers of health products.

Holiday Travel Bonus: Bring Home a Life-Changing Insight — Stressed-out people instinctively crave a break. The traveling mind is ripe for insight. 1-page format with tips to capture the insight & bring it home.

Discounts on Client Appreciation Gift & Information Booklets

Client appreciation gift & information booklets are a win/win.
Empower your client or customer while demonstrating that you care!
Concise format (so they'll actually read it)!
Booklets may be re-sold.

Stress Solved!
42 Tips
to Wake Up Your Intuition,
Inspire Creative Solutions,
Pull the Plug On Stress

Stress Solved Tips Booklet Cover
Quantity Pricing for Booklets

Single booklet
Pack of 20 booklets
Pack of 50 booklets
Pack of 100 booklets

$ 4.95

(Click the link to order a booklet pack.)
Bonus! Includes shipping & handling
on orders to US & Canda.

Print customization available on orders of 250 or more. Keep your business name in front of your client.
Email for information: support@wordcures.com.

* Please allow 7-10 business days for processing your booklet quantity order.*

Discounts on Word Cures and other books:

We offer quantity discounts on Word Cures (softcover), Stress In The Background (audio book, 3 CD's), and Landscape With Spirit (audio book, 2 CD's).

There will be a short processing period (usually about 1 week) on quantity orders of Stress In The Background and Landscape With Spirit audio books. They will be delivered as a physical product suitable for on-site sales to your customers or clients. Download links to the .pdf and .mp3 versions are included for maximum flexibility.

1-2 books or audio books
3-9 books or audio books
10-49 books or audio books
50-99 books or audio books
100 or more books or audio books

no discount
30% off list price
40% off list price
45% off list price
50% off list price

Word Cures, Stress in the Background, and Landscape With Spirit quantity discount orders can be placed directly from their product description pages. Just click the regular order link and enter your quantity on the order form. The shopping cart will automatically calculate your discount. Or order here:

Word Cures Book Cover
Stress In The Background book cover
Landscape With Spirit book cover
Soft Cover; 335 pages; $16.95
Spirit and Structure Press, 2004
ISBN 0-9753780-0-7
3 audio CD's plus .pdf and .mp3 links; $32.00
Spirit and Structure Press, 2006
ISBN 0-9753780-8-2
2 audio CD's plus .pdf and .mp3 links; $23.00
Spirit and Structure Press, 2007
ISBN 0-9753780-9-0

Discounts on Affirmation Cards (Encouraging Words and Garden Delight!)

Affirmation Greeting Cards
Affirmation Greeting Cards
© 2006 Wellness Images
© 2007 Wellness Images

We offer wholesale discounts on individual cards and sets (each set contains 4 cards) to resellers. Please contact us for ordering information: support@wordcures.com.

Discounts on Product Kits

Dog Ate My Homework Image
Intuition Infusion Kit Word Cures Action Pack
© 2006 Wellness Images

We offer quantity discounts on physical product kits to resellers. Please contact us for ordering information: support at wordcures dot com.

'Transform Stress' guide:
Sack stressors that steal health —
6 tips! And a weekly gentle reminder.


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