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Word Cures "Starter Kit"

Q: What's the best next step you can take to get your life and health on track?

A: Prepare your mind for healthy success!

Let's just say that you or a friend has the absolute best of intentions ... but somehow has a little trouble getting off the couch to bring them about. Well, you're in good company! Prepare yourself for the magic of Word Cures.

The Word Cures Starter Kit will set you on the straight and narrow, preparing your mind for the success you'll surely enjoy once you get up and moving.

Success at what? Well, basically, about anything that interferes with the health and well-being you've been dreaming about:

  • Health & fitness goals
  • Creativity & fulfillment goals
  • Prosperity & abundance goals
  • Relationship goals
  • Or ... ?

You see, Word Cures is about health. But it's really about how to bring health into every aspect of your life -- from your physical fitness and well-being -- to job satisfaction -- to your finances -- to your relationships. Because in the end, they all work together anyway.

In the Word Cures Starter Kit, you get all four "Word Cures" introductory products.

1. Word Cures: How to Keep Stupid Excuses From Sabotaging Your Health

You are an expert at manifestation! But sometimes you don't create exactly what you want. This book explores the reasons we give ourselves for not doing what we could to optimize health.

Those very reasons hold clues to our undesired results. Like "the dog ate my homework," they just don't work.

Yet as we recognize the fallacies in our everyday explanations, we mobilize vibrancy, vitality, and healing energy. It's instantaneous!

Word Cures: How to Keep Stupid Excuses From Sabotaging Your Health

Soft Cover; 335 pages
Spirit and Structure Press, 2004
ISBN 0-9753780-0-7

2. Encouraging Words Affirmation Greeting cards, with art by Judith Greenwood

The Encouraging Words cards bring health-affirming messages out where they can inspire and encourage every day. Send to a friend or post in your own favorite spot.

Affirmation Greeting Card - Sun

Set of 4 unique images

3. Word Cures Tips Cards.

52 of our favorite tips drawn straight from the Word Cures book. Each tip is presented on an individual bookmark-sized card for easy reference. Plus, it's made actionable with a little "to do" section that tells you exactly how to put the tip to work in your life.

One successful tips card user said she was inspired to pitch 4 bags of unneeded stuff from the family room one morning, just because she felt like it!

4. "Dog Ate My Homework" hot beverage mug, with art by Judith Greenwood.

The ultimate in keeping your message in front of you. Drink that herbal tea or morning juice in the mug that will remind you to stay on track!

Dog Ate My Homework

Take this puppy home!

The Word Cures book and Encouraging Words cards are available individually. But this is the first separate offering for the Tips Cards and "Dog Ate My Homework" Mug.

Retail value for the collection is $64.95. But you can take this puppy (mug) home — plus the book, greeting cards, and tips cards — for just $47.

Order the Word Cures Starter Kit — Just $47


Word Cures Book Cover

P.S. Already got a Word Cures book of your own? It's the perfect gift for a health-conscious friend. Keep the cards & mug for yourself. They'll never know...

Order the Word Cures Starter Kit — Just $47



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