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You take great care of everybody else.
So who's looking out for you?

You don't have to be a parent, caregiver, health service provider, middle-manager, solo-preneur, or anything very crazy to feel overwhelmed in today's 24/7 society. It happens to nearly everyone! Chances are you're juggling as fast as you can. Taking great care of everyone around you...

Drops of water

You get up with the crickets, gulp some high-octane java, drop off the kids, and zoom out to meet the demands of another stress-filled day. You leap when the boss says "jump," grab a vending machine snack, and sprint to the end of the workday.

  • Sick kid? You beeline to the doctor's office.
  • Mom needs help? Just call you.
  • Away game for the basketball team? Of course you'll go.
  • Overtime at work? Could we keep you away if we tried?

Ok, the workday's over. Quick! Cruise the drive-thru on your way to soccer practice, text the teenager, homework check for the little one before you finally get to...

Ha! Gotcha, didn't I! I'll bet you thought you were going to get an hour curled up with Fluffy and your favorite reality show. Not tonight! The bathroom's half-painted, there's laundry in the hamper, and your youngest needs a Halloween costume. Oh yeah. Isn't that the exercise bike ever-so-faintly calling your name?

Got a headache, you say? Exhausted? Aching muscles? Overweight and overdrawn? Is it really any surprise?

Funny thing. Even if your kids are grown — and your youngest is really a Schnauzer — most anyone can relate to this lifestyle. If you're a giver, you give. Your schedule's packed full as a jar of dill pickles and you're determined to squeeze every darned minute out of the day. Batten down the hatches. You've gotta do it all!

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One little question, please.

Who's taking care of you?

Gotcha again, didn't I? If you're like a lot of people I've met over the years, the answer is no one. (But it doesn't have to stay that way!)

Credibility check!

Just where did I meet all these stressed-out givers-of-too-much? Easy. I'm a bodyworker. Most of my clients are pain patients. You need some credibility, I know. So I mention these things simply to let you know that while I've got a good deal of training and experience in holstic health care, I'm also a regular person like you.

Since 1989, I've been learning and observing how stress manifests in the body. In that time, I've earned advanced degrees in developmental psychology (how people come to be the way they are) and energy medicine (how the energy of our thoughts and beliefs affects health) and a specialty certificate in neuromuscular therapy. Experience teaches best, so I also earned a black belt in karate, learned transformational breathwork, and studied with a master in the art of observing nature. Right now, I'm having fun with north-climate organic vegetable gardening.
Max Napping
My pal Max, napping. No stress for him!

Word Cures (the book)

I work every day with regular folks — people from nearly every walk of life — who lead chaotic lives that they're desperately trying to get a grip on. Many know that if they don't get it together soon, they'll be paying the price with their health. Some already are. You may be, too.

Here's the undeniable truth that you and I both know. Someone needs to take better care of you. And the best person for the job is ... gulp ... you! But you don't have to go it alone. As of today, you've got someone new in your corner. Me.

Let's start now. If I had just one bit of wisdom to offer today, it would be this: That "little voice in the back of your head" that puts limits on what you can and can't do isn't always honest with you. It operates from fear. It tries to scare you into working harder than you should for everyone else ... and leaving your own self-care for last.

Truth is, if you listen to talk like that, your life isn't going to go well. Ultimately, you'll set the stage for all manner of chronic and degenerative disease conditions, including chronic pain, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, premature disability, and early death. Your relationships will suffer, and so will your finances. Let's not go there.

How about this instead? Let's connect with your "little voice." Recruit it as an ally. It's easy, once you learn to recognize the fallacies your Inner Saboteur uses in a sincere — but often misguided — attempt to keep you safe and secure.

You'll do it with this easy read (packed with case history examples) — Word Cures: How to Keep Stupid Excuses From Sabotaging Your Health.

Today, it might be hard to believe how much better you can feel in just a short time. Fortunately, you don't have to. All you need at this moment is the willingness to open your mind to a new possibility:

The possibility of feeling great!

Word Cures book cover

Also in Word Cures:

checkCan't quite seem to get what you really want in life? (Not even sure what that is?) 21 "everyday" fallacies explain why. Check 'em out.

checkHow did that happen? You said something and it materialized. Understand how and why the language of your thoughts creates the physical world around you.

checkIt seems like you're doing everything "right," but you still end up frustrated and worn out. Identify 5 hidden motivations that can undermine even your best intentions for success.

checkNo matter how you've tried to forgive, past hurts still haunt you. Re-frame the events of your life so creatively that forgiveness becomes a non-issue.

checkWhen this guy comes calling, your Saboteur can finally catch a few Z's. Who is he? Your empowered Inner Warrior. Befriend him fast.

"I've always been a fan of words. People talk themselves out of the lives they say they want every day. Word Cures offers a fresh and direct approach for people who are ready to transform their beliefs about health."

Robert G. Allen, bestselling author of The One-Minute Millionaire

"Elizabeth's book brought me up short when I realized the excuses that hold me back from success. Then it showed clear steps I can take to get that success."

— Sharon Spaedy, CHTP

"My mom sent me your book which I am completely enjoying. It's easy to read and, of course, we can all relate to it ourselves or notice patterns that are identifiable in others. The book is a valuable tool as I study health behavior change. I enjoy being able to apply the practical examples you give..."

Lyndsi Johnson, Arizona State University Exercise and Wellness Master's Student

Bonus Audio

Manage Your Energy (Let time take care of itself)

Word Cures explores the top 21 reasons why people say they sometimes skimp on health-promoting behavior. Can you guess what the #1 reason is? A full 79% of the people I surveyed in preparation for Word Cures clearly brought it to my attention.

No time!

Time isn't really the problem, of course. No one else has any more than you do. However it can certainly seem that way! To honor the universal nature of this concern, I've recorded a bonus audio on just this topic. So the truly rushed can listen on the go!

In Manage Your Energy (Let time take care of itself), you'll explore:

checkThe main reason time management strategies fail. Time management experts may hate me for revealing this... You're gonna love it!

checkBecome a wise and discerning giver. You'll learn what it takes to enjoy contributing to others and still have energy left for yourself.

checkWhat's missing from your self-care program? What could it be costing you — in your health, energy, relationships, and even your finances? Tick off our checklist and find out fast.

checkEnergized or drained? Two letters make the difference. Short and sweet. Find out what they are and when to use them.

checkDoes your self-esteem rock? It will when you learn the four ways you teach people how to treat you — every single day.

checkSix Wellness Opportunities: and the clues you leave behind that tell you where to place your attention first.

Order Word Cures Here:

Get started now! You'll get immediate access to the 40-minute Manage Your Energy (Let Time Take Care of Itself) .mp3 recording and written transcript when you order Word Cures right here. Your book will normally ship out the next business day.

Word Cures cover

Soft Cover; 335 pages; $16.95
Spirit and Structure Press, 2004
ISBN 0-9753780-0-7

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