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Heal Your Space 4-Part Mini Course-Part 1

Stop Struggling to Feel Good

Why struggle? When with just a few tweaks in your home landscape, healing energy does it for you!

Space Healing Lesson #1:
Take inventory.

There's a lot of subtle information in the world around us. Let's call it 'tangible, but often overlooked.' We naturally screen a lot out. If we didn't, our brains would go 'tilt.'

...Sit for a moment and notice all the ambient sounds in your environment right now. What do you hear...?

from Landscape With Spirit: Connecting What's Around You with How You Feel
by Elizabeth Eckert, PhD

Take out a piece of paper and prepare to make two short lists. Simple as 1-2-3.

1. First, list what you have in your space right now. You'll probably have two categories —

  • Resources: use these to your advantage when you spruce things up
  • Outgrown Items: these can be recycled or discarded

2. Next, list everything you'd like to have in the perfect personal space. One way to get started is consider all the people and pets who use the space, then make sure the special needs of each family member are accounted for.

3. Once you clearly understand where you are and where you'd like to go, you're ready to move on.

Space-Healing Lesson #1: You feel good as a result of being well-informed about your world, and as a result of acting in accordance with what you know. Stop for a moment and carefully observe the world around you.

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