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Holistic Health Self-Care Quiz
for parents, caregivers, volunteers, and service professionals

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Who should take this quiz? Originally developed for human service professionals, this quiz speaks to anyone who serves others — whether as a family member, volunteer, or service professional. In addition to parents, this readily includes health care professionals, veterinarians, human service professionals, clergy, and the volunteers and staff who direct and support our non-profit organizations. If you are a family member or volunteer, simply disregard any of the "professional environment" questions that don't apply in your situation.

Introduction: As providers of caring service to other living beings, we have many opportunities and a few challenges. One of the challenges we face is to find the balance between giving to others and caring for ourselves. We sometimes find that the boundary between being "compassionately generous" and "oops - I gave too much" is difficult to negotiate.

Instructions: The purpose of this quiz is to alert the participant to potential areas where self-care may be overlooked. Mark one point per question, either under "doing well" or "need attention." In the 3rd column, note "what stands in your way" for any area that needs your attention. Your answers might sound something like this: too busy; don't have the money; they rely on me; I don't have time to deal with it; I'm tired; I'm STRESSED OUT; etc.

Tech note: At this time, you will not be able to fill out this form online. Just tally your columns on some scrap paper (oh, the low-techness of it all). It's easy if you use the "tick" system. Or print out the paper-and-pencil version.

Scoring: Total your points for each column & section. Transfer your numbers to the scoring area on the next page. Add up the totals. Your total score will equal "doing well" minus "needs attention." Take note of common themes in the "what stands in your way" column. These are the concerns / fallacies you'll want to address directly as you bring your life into balance.

Section #1: Your Personal Care
Assessment Questions
Doing well?
Mark 1 point here.
Need attention?
Mark 1 point here.
What stands
in your way?
1. Are you up-to-date on all medical check-ups and tests necessary for your own well-being?      

2. Are you up-to-date on dental check-ups and professional dental cleaning?

3. Do you take the medicine and supplements you need to maintain your health?      
4. Do you floss your teeth regularly?      
5. Do you get enough sleep?      

6. How well do you manage stress-provoking events and circumstances? Are you calm and in genuine good humor most of the time?

7. Are you covered by health insurance (major medical or equivalent) in case of accident or illness?      
8. Do you invest regularly in your future (education, retirement planning, etc.)?      
9. Are you satisfied with your career / work choices? Do you have as much work as you need?      
10. Do you pay your bills on time?      
11. Have you resolved any outstanding misunderstanding, disagreement, or lingering resentment related to old life events?      
12. Do you reliably give your word as a guarantee of performance, both to others and yourself?      
13. Can you be counted on to keep your word? Are you as reliable about keeping your word to yourself as you are with others?      
14. Do you maintain a regular exercise program?      
15. Do you generally make healthy food choices?      
16. When was your last vacation?      
17. How receptive are you to changing old habits that don't get you the results you want in life?      
18. Do you regularly give to others or your community (tithing, volunteer work, etc.)?      
19. Do you refrain from abusing substances that harm your health?      
20. Do you have at least one human friend to share your dreams or call if you need help?      
Personal Care Totals # #  
Assessment Questions
Doing well?
Mark 1 point here.
Need attention?
Mark 1 point here.
What stands
in your way?
Section 2: Your Dependents' Care
21. Are your dependents (including pets) up-to-date on medical check-ups and tests?      
22. Are your dependents up-to-date on dental check-ups and professional dental cleaning?      
23. Do your dependents take the medicine and supplements they need to maintain their health?      
24. Are your human dependents covered by health insurance (major medical or equivalent) in case of accident or illness?      
25. Do you have a family emergency plan that includes a well-stocked kit? Are family members updated regularly?      
Your Dependents' Care Totals # #  
Assessment Questions
Doing well?
Mark 1 point here.
Need attention?
Mark 1 point here.
What stands
in your way?
Section 3: Your Personal Environment
26. When you look around your home, do you see a bunch of nagging little projects that need to be taken care of or stuff that needs to be fixed?      
27. How long has it been since you washed the car (if you have one)?      
28. Would clutter or deferred maintenance make your home impossible to ready for sale or a move within a month or so if that were to become necessary?      
29. Do you recycle (newspapers, cardboard, cans, glass, plastic, etc.) to the extent that collection or drop-off services are available in your community?      
30. Does your grass need to be cut? Garden weeded? Shrubs trimmed? Walkways cleared of ice or snow?      
31. Do you have unwashed dishes in the sink?      
32. Do you have operating smoke detectors on all floors and in rooms where people sleep?      
33. Do you have sufficient operating carbon monoxide detector(s)?      
34. How long has it been since you moved and cleaned under or behind the couch?      
Personal Environment Totals # #  
Assessment Questions
Doing well?
Mark 1 point here.
Need attention?
Mark 1 point here.
What stands
in your way?
Section 4: Your Professional Environment
35. Do you work in a setting that suits you and your lifestyle?      
36. How well-kept is your office, desk, or work space?      
37. Do you begin and end your workday and appointments on time?      
38. If you are the business owner, is your business profitable? Does it compensate you fairly for your time?      
39. If you are the business owner, are your accounts receivable current?      
40. Does your schedule meet your needs as well as the needs of the client or business?      
41. Do you dress professionaly and appropriately for your job and setting?      
42. Do you stay up-to-date on current practices and research in your field by reading and attending classes?      
Professional Environment Totals # #  


Got your totals for each section?
Find out what it all means on the Interpretation and Scoring page.

Interpretation & Scoring

Important: This quiz is part of a self-help strategy for making healthy choices.
It is not scientifically validated.
Please consult your doctor before making abrupt changes in diet and exercise or if you have a medical concern.

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