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When you think Energy Medicine, what does it mean? Some people immediately picture treatment modalities like biofeedback, acupuncture, polarity therapy, Reiki, healing touch, micro-current therapy, flower essences, and other similar strategies.

It’s true. Those modalities all qualify as Energy Medicine. Even something called a “Vibe Machine.”

But Energy Medicine also has another side. Health follows, in part, from how well you manage your own life-force energy (chi, ki, prana). From how you do your life - big stuff and little.

A person who teaches you to manage your energy better also practices Energy Medicine. This is, of course, one of the themes of this website.

Self-Help Energy Medicine.

You know the feeling. You’re on top of the world - you’re empowered - you’re connected to the people around you - the colors of nature seem brighter. Life is good. Your energy is good - and so is your health.

You also know the other feeling. Doesn’t really matter how it came about. Maybe you’ve been working extra hours to pay off the house or earning your “super-mom” badge. Perhaps you’ve found yourself caught in a toxic relationship.

The possible causes are endless. But the result is the same. You’re drained. Your energy is down. If you keep it up too long, you’re gonna get sick. One way or another, it comes down to one little word.


Isn't adaptability supposed to be good?

Here’s the thing. We humans are unbelievably adaptable. While that trait is helpful in the short run (like when you have to stay up late with a sick pre-schooler and still make it to work the next morning), we tend to tolerate more than we sometimes should.

When that happens, you pay the price with your health.

Learning to manage your energy effectively supports your optimal health. It’s sort of like learning to manage stress. But not quite. There’s one important difference.

You see, we’re not simply managing stress. We’re taking it on at its source. Setting you up to be so empowered that long-term stress no longer remembers where you live. That’s good medicine!

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