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Less Stress; More Time Part 1 of 4

Lesson 1: The Stress / Time Connection

Resolve StressEver notice how the more stressed-out you get, the less resourceful you become?

  • It seems like you get stupid.
  • You forget things.
  • You're careless.
  • You overlook problems you'd normally spot in an instant.
  • You lose focus. Instead of finishing one thing, you start three.
  • Eventually, you crash.

Result: A project you'd normally finish easily in an hour takes two. Even worse — you never finish it at all. Instead, you spin out of control, getting even more and more frustrated. Is it time management issue? Nope.

Bottom line: People around you start to think you're a bozo. You start to believe they're right. The worse things get, the worse you feel. Ultimately, you exhaust yourself.

Solution: Time management? Don't think so. What you need is to manage your energy. (It's the best way I know of to resolve stress — for good!)

Resolve Stress!

"Exhaustion comes from the root word for 'empty.' It means 'to consume entirely.' You're spent. Your energy is used up. When your energy is too low, there isn't a time management technique in the world that'll bring you up to speed. At that moment, it's recharge or die."

— Manage Your Energy
(Let time take care of itself)


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Elizabeth Eckert, author of Word Cures: How to Keep Stupid Excuses from Sabotaging Your Health, encourages people to resolve stress by enhancing awareness and intuition. Get the 40-minute recording Manage Your Energy (Let Time Take Care of Itself) free with Word Cures. Get both with the Intuition Infusion Kit Deluxe.

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